Man Catches Something Unusual In The Miror, His Recation Will Make Your Day

As we grow older, we wish we were younger. When we were children, there were no worries in life. Not to mention the lack of aches and pains that we are too familiar with today. But what would you do if you suddenly turned into a kid again? It would be fantastic, wouldn’t it!

The man in the video is going to catch the bus when he sees his reflection on the glass door. It is an odd sight because the person on the other side isn’t him. It’s actually of a child. And not just any child, a toddler version of himself! He can’t believe his eyes, so he goes and checks in a car’s side-view mirror, and he is not mistaken. So, he does a logical thing and goes to check himself out in a full view mirror.

baby adult

There, something even weirder happens. As the reflection’s baby starts moving, he can’t control his body. He starts kicking and flailing when then turns into a full-blown dance party! People start joining in after they notice their baby reflections as well. It’s hilarious to see a bunch of people dancing in the middle of the streets. But what’s even funnier is the baby’s dancing on the other side of the mirror. Watch the hilarious video below:

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