We, humans, enjoy and appreciate our freedom. But due to the devasting, we had to shut down entirely. The lockdown, no doubt, has been boring for everyone, especially kids. However, one girl, in particular, has made quite the most out of her isolated period.

Tallulah, an eight-year-old from Ashton-Under-Lyne, in Greater Manchester, kindled a heartwarming friendship with Hermes delivery driver. Tim, is deaf, hence to communicate with him, the little girl began learning sign language. Initially, the friendship started with a drawing that Tim hangs proudly in his van. The toddler drew a rainbow as thank you note for Tim’s services.

Once Tallulah found out her new friend is deaf. She wasted no more time learning sign language. Tim also joined in the little girl’s quest and helped her form whole sentences via signing. Thanks to the tot’s mother, we get to witness one of these enjoyable sessions of bonding.

Please press play and enjoy the beginning of a unique friendship.

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