Nasty Woman Gets Instant Karma After She Throws Money at Cashier

In my opinion, retail workers are the most underappreciated people in the world! They work long hours standing up, and do so with no complaints! Moreover, some customers are rude to them for reasons that are beyond their control. But nothing infuriates me when people disrespect the staff!

It always pays off to be kind. Even when other people are being rude, you should be a bigger person. They could be having a bad day, or there could be some kind of miscommunication. However, there are some situations where being compassionate isn’t an option. Likewise, this cashier gives a reckless customer a taste of her own medicine!

woman throws money to cashier

A woman sets down her beverages at the cash counter. And the cashier informs her how much she has to pay. This is all routine stuff that every cashier faces. But then, the customer puts the money on the counter and throws it to the floor! Although you can see that the behavior was intentional, she proceeds to say “oops.”

However, Karma comes back at her. And the cashier pushes her beer off the table, completely shattering it! Now that’s an eye for an eye! Watch the shocking video below:

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