Japanese People Ride the Escalator in a Strange Way – You’ll Love Why

There is no doubt that people in different countries do things that we don’t do in ours. The further away the nations are, the more differences seem to pop up, which is why the culture of the Eastern world is so much different than ours. And this guy sums up why Japan is just so fascinating!

YouTuber “DK the Human,” loves Japan and its culture. Originally from the United States, he is friends often ask him why he loves the country so much. But he says that it is tough to explain unless you go there to experience it for yourself. So, he takes us on a journey to Tokyo, Japan. However, I never imagined the country to be so fantastic!

japan cafe

Although Japan is astonishing for countless reasons, there is something that separates the Japanese from everyone else in the world. DK boils it down to mindfulness of others. People there don’t litter in the streets.

Moreover, you can safely leave your phones and laptop unattended in coffee shops without having to worry that it’ll get stolen. Furthermore, the way people use escalators may be the most exciting thing about Japan! Watch the video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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