This Impossible Illusion Will Add More Questions Than Answers on Your Head

The dark figure you see in the chair after the lights are out. The globins that stare at your children from the window. These are merely the illusion created because the silhouette is your laundry, and those scary creatures out of the window are just the tree branches. Even though we correctly acknowledge the facts. Yet, we don’t seem to surpass our mental outline thus created.

The video is no different as one of the finalists in Best Illusion of the Year Contest 2016 puts us in a high state of confusion. For instance, the man in the clip uses a mirror to create a cylindrical mirage. In addition to that, the maneuver of similar yet diverse objects baffles us even more towards the ending.

Is this hallucination or an act of dark magic? You tell me.

Please share the video with your friends snd families. You might be able to get the answers.