Man Films Horses Running Free On Beach And Rolling In The Sand

Although there a variety of ways to create a long-lasting bond with your companions. The most crucial step is to build the groundwork. Either it’s an adorable pup or a majestic stallion that runs free, you need to layer the foundation to form a reliable relationship.

For canine, it’s the tricks and few games that owners indulge into, especially fetch. In the cases of the horses, it’s liberty training. This exercise helps to improve the communication pattern between the human and the four-legged companion. In the clip, David Lichman took his stallions to the beach; it was more than just a trip for the sunset.

The three horses roam free on Pt. Reyes, California, without any restraints. In the meantime, David engages them in different kinds of activities. Training them to sit, roll, and many more on the sandy beaches. Given Lichman is a professional horse instructor, the whole scenario looks seamless. It is almost satisfying to see them enjoy and follow the direction one leg at a time.

Please press play and enjoy the training session.

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