‘Like a Horror Movie’: Cyclist Comes Face-to-Face with Horde of Staring Kangaroos

Kangaroos are human-sized creatures who look like they can make a good career out of kick-boxing! Moreover, these animals are native to Australia, where they can be found wherever nature is around. Usually, these creatures coexist peacefully with humans. But this cyclist was having significant doubts as he was passing a horde of Kangaroos, who would not break eye contact!

The land down under has a lot of dangerous creatures. Furthermore, it seems like all the most poisonous spiders, snakes, and aggressive birds exist there. A general rule of thumb that all Australians know is to stay away from these wild animals! However, there are moments where even the bravest of Aussie’s are scared, especially when you are out riding your bike alone.

kangaroo horde cycling

Ben Vezina was cycling by himself in Hawkstowe Park, Melbourne, when he had an unusual encounter. Moreover, he could feel all eyes on him as he was going by the dirt lane. An army of motionless Kangaroos was quietly staring at him! This frightens Ben to no end who can’t help but compare it to a zombie apocalypse. Although they stay away from him, he is still questioning if he should move forward. Thankfully, he makes out of there safe and sound.

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