People want to bring home economics classes back to schools to teach kids basic life skills

When I was younger, my school had a female-only class. I was frustrated but also proud that I knew more than any of the boys. That class was later dubbed “home economics.” We learned the fundamentals of cooking, cleaning, and basically everything that would be extremely useful to me in my home. My mother was terrified that I would cut myself or burn myself in the kitchen. So I wasn’t given much leeway. However, as my confidence grew in school, I began to assist my mother during my break times.

However, when the gender rebellion occurred, these classes were targeted as sexist and were proposed to be eliminated. It was undeniably sexist. And, despite the fact that the core principle had been corrupted, I benefited from it from a very young age.


The world has changed dramatically, and these classes are now frowned upon. Parents and schools are only concerned with immediate subjects such as math, history, and so on. As a result, today’s children are far more reliant on their parents. One of the parents or a caregiver must stay at home and take care of the essentials for them. And when it comes time for them to face the real world, they have no life skills.

And this is one of the things more people have noticed and are concerned about. So, they are requesting the Home Economics class to be back in the school’s courses.

Please share your thoughts about home economics.