This Adorable Dog Has A Limp In His Foot. But The Reason Why Will Leave You In Stitches!

Humor is the thing that spices up life. Without laughter, your daily life becomes pretty bland. One of the ways comedians make you laugh is satire. In essence, it is making fun of other people. But as long as you don’t hurt their feeling, I think it can be pretty funny. And this comedic canine has it down pat!

Sawyer is an adorable pooch! His curly white fur could make everyone go Awww! But in this video, he does something that is causing the internet to laugh out loud. The pup’s older brother is going through a slightly rough time right now. He broke his right foot and had a cast up to his knees. The poor boy even has to walk with a crutch. But Sawyer sure knows how to cheer him up!

The injured boy walks into the living room with great difficulty. But who’s there behind him? It is the funny dog mocking his brother by limping like him. And the dog doesn’t stop mocking him. Moreover, he even wags his tail at the same time. Plus, I think it’s adorable how his ears bounce every time he takes a step! Watch the hilarious video below:

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