4-year-old Boy Explain Why He Never Wants to Get Married and the Reason is Adorable

This is one of the best videos you will ever find on the internet. This is hilarious.

We see so many videos all around the internet that makes us happy in every way possible. The way that this kid expresses his distress is hilarious. Kids in general are funny and cute at the same time. But, they don’t really make sense most of the time. But again, there are people who will make you feel happy about being able to find a video on the internet.

He Never Wants to Get Married

This kid is one such person. This is by far the cutest video you will ever find on the internet also considering how the kid knows what he wants in life. If anything, it definitely is not being able to marry. In fact, he hilariously talks about how he does NOT want to marry.

This is funny. Watch the full video below!

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