More than 150 German Shepherds rescued from filthy pens – Now Looking For A Loving Home

As the rescuers approached the filthy pens, the smell was overpowering. More than 167 German Shephards stacked in tiny pens in a horrific condition.

Georgia, one of the neighbors in Metter, knew something was wrong when the repugnant smell started coming from the neighborhood. She heard cries of dogs at night. So, she knew the right thing to do. Without wasting any time, she called Candler County Sheriff’s Department.

After the report, Atlanta Humane Society’s packed their vans with essential gears and headed to the reported site. They encountered a horrific condition these german shepherds were living in. On Jan 3rd, they evaluated the crowd and treated these dogs with the worst condition first priority.

“There were some larger pens that had upwards of 30 animals in them,” Atlanta Humane Society’s Marketing Programs Manager, Amanda Harris recalls,”Then you got to the smaller ones where it’s no bigger than a VW van, and there’s four dogs, full-size German shepherds living in it, fighting over one bin of food, and there’s one dog house, and the mud is six inches deep,”

They were starving with no food to be found. Some were in far worse condition. They were having trouble even to get up.

“A couple of them we did pull out that first day and go ahead and send them to a 24-hour overnight veterinarian so that we can make sure they got food that evening.”

They were too many to carry in one shift. So, it took two days for the rescuers to load everyone to them to Atlanta. Unfortunately, three german shepherds couldn’t make it; they had to euthanize them at the very spot.

It took a while for them to find the owner. Now, he is in custody facing animal cruelty charges. However, this was not the only spot the owner abused these animals. The owner reportedly had another property which prisoned 100s of German Shephards. The investigation is still ongoing.

The dogs were scared of human touch. After spaying and neutering these furbabies, the rescuers started to socialize the dogs.

“We’re having our staff and volunteers just simply go in the kennels and sit with the dogs and show them that it’s okay,” said Harris, one of the rescuers,” and that it’s safe to relax around a person, that we’re not going to hurt them, that they are here, that they are safe and that they’re loved,”

These furbabies are not up for adoption.If you want to give a loving home to these german shephards, please contact Atlanta Humane Society’s.

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