Grieving Man Who Lost His Father Can’t Stop Crying As He Opens This Package

Losing a friend or loved one is always hard. The one who was with you for so many years, with whom you shared your joy, sorrow, love, and laughter is now just in memory.

Those memories you’ll cherish for the rest of your life. And the same memory can sometimes open the door of many emotions. Emotions you never knew existed. Emotions you bottled up for so many years.

people who lost their loved ones

The following video is a short compilation of those exact moments. Each lost their father, mother, grandparents, husband, wife, children… And you know by their reaction that how much they miss them…

Everyone unboxed a memory of their lost members painted in a frame. Some relived the moments, while others captured picture of moments that were never lived. Please press play and watch the full video here. Hope you have a tissue beside you. Cause it’s gonna get teary….

And do share your stories and moments with us. And be kind to your loved ones. You never know when or if you’ll see them again.