Golden Retriever Hilariously Displeased When Owner Stops Music

Everyone loves listening to some good music. It’s not just humans who enjoy some musical moments, and animals do too! And this Golden Retriever is no exception. Golden Retriever is absolutely in love with dad’s music, watch how he proves his love for his music. She even helps boost his dad’s ago and excel in his musical career.

Golden Retrievers are great pets, and they are the most popular breed of dogs in the US. They are friendly and are the perfect partners in crime. In this video, adorable pooch encourages his dad to make more music by silently judging and approving his work. This dog does not want his dad to stop playing at all! His cute sulking reaction is so adorable! Also, he unintentionally helps dad’s music career. Can you believe this video garnered 14 million views on the internet? And in no time, he even reaches The Voice, season 14. How cool is it have an awesome dog like his around?

However, the most precious moment in the video is when the pooch starts bobbing her head and smiling happily to dad’s music. He can’t help but smile at his dad’s insane strumming skills. But as soon as dad stops, the pooch also stops enjoying. So to cheer up his dog, he starts strumming again! This hilarious moment will crack you up for sure! Watch this video below:

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