Girl Is Being Mocked For Her Clothes, Her Classmate Plots Something That Changes Her Life Forever

Students are constantly mocked for their looks or clothing in school. It isn’t possible for everyone to live a lavish lifestyle. School uniforms keep everyone equal, ensuring that no matter their financial status, people can be clothed and look good. Haley Olsen was a regular seventeen-year-old girl from the state of Minnesota when one day, something horrible happened that changed her life forever.

In her family of 7 children, Haley Olsen was the middle child, and she and her siblings were unable to receive everything they wanted or needed. They were able to give their children everything they had. Now that she had reached 7th grade, she had learned that her family didn’t have the money to buy her clothing like models in the fashion industry, so she simply wore what she received.


Being mocked because of her clothes was something Hayley grew accustomed to, as hand-me-downs were all she had ever had. That was when her classmate decided to scheme against her, an event that completely altered her life from that point on.

Haley understood that what she really needed was a life-long best friend to guide her through all of the tough times in her life. Haley grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, where she had to hear cruel remarks about her everyday at Atkinson Middle School. She frequently burst into tears.


I always came home crying and stuff to my parents saying how I didn’t want to go to school anymore, I wanted to be homeschooled,” she remarked. Haley needed a friend, and Mariah, a girl Haley befriended, understood just how difficult it was for Haley to live this long. After getting the sizes of clothes and shoes from Hayley, Mariah came home and prepared a special gift for her new friend.

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