He Takes Dog for a Walk, Then Hides Behind a Tree. Now Watch When Dog Realizes Dad Isn’t Behind Him Any More

Dogs love going to walks with their favorite humans. Also, it’s the best way to bond with your house pet. However, this German Shephard owner decides to play an innocent prank on his poor pet. They were having a good old day at the park when suddenly dad goes on to hide behind a tree.

For a while, the pooch “assumes” his owner is behind him. But when he comes to a sudden realization, he loses his mind. The look on the pup’s eyes after he found out his human got lost is genuinely heartbreaking. He gives the same reaction as that of a kid who loses his dad into thin air. The pooch starts looking around hopelessly and starts sniffing for his owner. Even though it is a harmless prank, the pooch looks so sad to know that his human is lost and that too during the favorite part of pooch’s day.

Having an insane sense of sense, the German Shephard could easily track his human. But we hope we dad doesn’t pull off such pranks in the future. It was heartrending to see his lost and alone reaction. Poor pooch even stops wagging his tail! The human dad needs to apologize to his precious pup. This cutie deserves all the love and hugs in the world!Watch this video down below: 

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