Worried Woman Forgets Her Wallet at Home So the Gas Attendant Did This

Small acts of kindness can help a person a lot. Some deeds may seem small to us but to those in need, these deeds are life-changing.

A woman experienced a kind gesture from a stranger and this story is making people all around the internet feel proud about the man who helped her. This kind man is Nkosikho. Monet is a woman from Cape Town, South Africa who was having a normal day until she went to get gas.

The woman realized her purse was not with her. She started panicking when Nkosikho started washing her car. However, when she told him about her situation, he offered her gas money and asked her to pay him back whenever she is around the gas station. Monet then decided to start a fundraiser for this kind of gas attendant.

We are pretty sure the funds raised for Nkosikho helped him and his family a lot. Watch the full video below!

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