Typically weddings are serious events with emotions running high. As soon as the gorgeous bride walks down the aisle, it’s usually game over for the groom and everyone else attending the ceremony. Tears of joy come crashing down and tissues run low.

Couples can’t stop laughing as the best man loses his pants during the ring ceremony.

However, for a particular couple, the tears become the result of sheer mirth.  As the bride and groom get ready to exchange their vows at the altar. The best man losses his grip on pants. Next thing you know, the man is standing on his boxer in front of guests.

The cameraman exclaims “Oh shoot”, everyone tries their best to contain themselves.  But something so hilarious can never be just swept under the rug. Hence the laughter continues to the point the best man standing next to the groom starts wiping his tears.

Even the priest drops few funny lines, making it impossible for the couple to continue in a simple manner. With bursts of laughter here and there, the ceremony becomes a memorable one for everyone attending it. Please press play and enjoy the ripples of giggles across the room. Do share your funny interaction in the comment section.

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