Best Man’s Unfortunate Accident During Wedding Leaves Whole Church In Hysterics

Weddings are supposed to be joyful occasions where the focus of attention is on the bride and groom. Here’s one that went from joyful to hilarious as unwanted attention shifted to the best man.

The tradition of having a “best man” at a wedding dates back to ancient times, when weddings were often arranged for political or financial reasons. In these situations, the groom would choose a trusted friend or family member to stand by his side during the ceremony to ensure that the bride didn’t run away or that any other unexpected events were handled appropriately. Which is fine, unless of course the Best Man is the one who causes the unexpected event!

A few seconds into this video, as the bride and groom get ready to exchange vows at the altar. The best man’s pants drop to the ground and he’s standing in his boxers in front of guests! But that’s only the beginning of the fun in this video. The cameraman exclaims “Oh shoot”, everyone tries their best to contain themselves. But something so hilarious can never be just swept under the rug, so the laughter continues to the point the best man standing next to the groom starts wiping his tears.

Even the priest drops few funny lines, making it impossible for the couple to continue in a simple manner. With bursts of laughter here and there, the ceremony becomes a memorable one for everyone attending it. Please press play and enjoy the giggles, and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know your funniest wedding moment!

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