An Army of Frogs Gather to Watch a Video of Worms on a Smartphone

We all love food. Whether or not you are a human or not, you will never say no to good food.

Good food is not the same for every creature on Earth. For me it’s pizza, for a dog, it’s a piece of bone and for frogs, it is definitely a bunch of worms. In fact, a bunch of worms can be an amazing food idea for frogs that is in fact a “frog fantasy”.

A human decided to prank these frogs with a video clip of worms and sat back to look at their reactions. All the frogs lined up and sat together to get mesmerized by a bunch of worms on screen. The video clip made the frogs react the same way as a box of pizza would do to you.

This video is hilarious. Watch the full video below!

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