Fox Looks in Window When He Misses Mom – Watch His Reaction When She Comes Out

In 2013, musical artist Ylvis had a question that most people had never thought about. What does the fox say? Luckily, we finally get the answers from the adorable animal itself. However, it might not be what you were expecting!

Save A Fox Rescue is a non-profit sanctuary in Minnesota. Five women got together to rescue captive-born foxes that have injuries, are sick, or orphans from fur farms. Moreover, some of them have been rejected by their mothers and need to be bottle-fed. So in these cases, they cannot be released to the wild. And this particular one is so fond of Mom that he can’t stand being apart from her!

This clever fox, whose name is Finnegan, has a unique way of catching his favorite human’s attention. Expressly, he looks through the windows in the cold winter night, begging Mom to come out and play with him.

When she does go outside and pets the cute creature, he falls into a fit of giggles! Furthermore, he even gives her the biggest smile! Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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