Incredible Footage Shows Forklift Knock Down Entire Warehouse of Goods

I’ve posted quite a few videos of people having a bad day, when something unexpected happens or things don’t quite turn out like they wanted. But I’m not sure I’ve ever posted a video that shows someone having a bad day like this.

Here you have a normal warehouse operation: a forklift driver moving along between rows. Someone has parked a pallet of goods in the middle of one of the aisles, so the driver attempts to move around it and appears to gently hit one of the struts.

Apparently the hit was a little more than “gently,” however, and it must have been under considerable stress because the strut bends, causing the rest of the upright to bend and shelves begin to collapse.

What happens next is possibly the biggest domino-effect warehouse shelving fail in history. Rack after rack collapses, its contents spilling into the neighboring racks and causing them to collapse too. It continues all the way to the back of the warehouse and all the way to the wall. Another picture, not shown in this video, shows the warehouse driver makes it out alive.

That poor driver–I’m pretty sure this is his worst business day ever. Watch the full video below!

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