Creepy Footage Shows Stranger Talk to Child Through Hacked Security Camera: ‘I’m Your Best Friend’

As much boon as technology has been, it has its fair share of being a curse. Today it is so much easier to find out about a person than it was a few decades ago. And due to the advancement of technology, we’re making our life both safe and at threat at the same time.

As easy it is for people to share their everyday life online, it’s easier for hackers to get into any system and extract information. And this Tennessee couple is one of the many victims of technology gone wrong.

man hacks ring camera

Ashley LeMay and her husband purchased a Ring camera after the recommendation of a friend. The camera made it easy for the couple to keep an eye on their three daughters when they’re away. But one day, their nightmares came to life. An anonymous man hacked into their Ring camera and scared their daughters.

The video footage shows a man playing music via the hacked camera while a girl is arranging things. He then speaks to the girl and tells her he’s her friend and that he is Santa Claus. The girl screams “MOM” in terror.

WATCH the horrifying video below.

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