A Mother Elephant Tries to Cross the Dirt Road, but Guess Who Tags Along is Just So Adorable!

It’s the nature of babies to imitate their parents or elder siblings. The way they do it will always win your heart. As they are trying to keep up with everyone and learning to fit in,they do several things that are simply adorable and funny. I was floored when I saw this baby elephant do this! So CUTE!

This elephant’s family was casually crossing the road. Momma elephant was leading her two kids to go to the other side. The first one crossed the way calmly putting a cool pace with her mother. But the little one had to rush her way. The way the little one runs up to keep up with her family is truly incredible. The way she does this will make you cuddle your screen.

Cute Baby Elephant doesn't want to cross the road 0-47 screenshot

I seriously was not expecting to see that little one to appear from the bush. Watch this adorable video below let us know your feelings and thoughts through COMMENTS!

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