Baby Girl’s Fake Cry Is Dramatic And Very Well Done

Some children are great artists from the day they are born. I’m sure you’ve heard of 6 years olds who can sing a classic. Or a four year who can draw better than you. The little girl in the video is sure to be an excellent actress!

We can see an adorable baby just sitting in the video. She’s just staring at the camera in the beginning. However, the reaction she gives after her mother asks what her deal is hilarious. This funny baby squints her eyes and makes an inhuman sound. And people seem to agree to this as they have described her as ‘machine gun baby’ under the comments. Furthermore, she could win an Oscar with the crocodile tears she sheds.

fake cry baby

Although the sound she makes is funny as of itself. The fact that she stops suddenly is even more amusing. The little girl only seems to make this sound when her Mom asks her questions. Now that’s one way to avoid answering them! Watch this video yourself down below:

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