Man Buys Stillborn Baby’s Crib at Garage Sale Then Transforms It Into A Gift and Gives It Back

It is always sad to see people not being able to live their dreams as a parent. Being a parent is a dream for just so many people and sadly, it is likely to remain a dream for them.

Valerie is a very strong woman. She was always so happy to know that her little son was inside her nourishing and growing inside. It was quite shocking for her to realize the fact that the baby was not moving as much as it did. She later found out that the oxygen had been blocked for the baby and he eventually succumbed to the situation inside the mom’s belly.

Valerie gave birth to a stillborn baby. The mother was devastated. She could not even keep the crib that was readily sitting there for the baby. So, she decided to sell it off at a garage sale. An elderly gentleman bought the crib from her and he then made a memorial out of it for the baby that Valerie lost.

He gave it back to the grieving mother and nothing seems more thoughtful. Watch the full video below!

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