The Future of Fireworks? Check Out this Incredible Light Show

Who doesn’t love a good fireworks show? This time-honored entertainment has been around for centuries and is the subject of many great memories for children of all ages. But here’s something new that may not replace fireworks but certainly might look every bit as cool as this technology matures.

What you’re seeing is a light show put on by flying drones that have been programmed to work in synchronization to show pictures and geometric figures, not too far from fireworks. It’s put on by Firefly Drone Shows of Detroit, Michigan, and the possibilities are endless.

Each of the lights is a drone and there are hundreds in a single performance. Firefly notes that unlike fireworks, their performances are “safe and sustainable” because they are “non-polluting, zero debris and are very low-risk for fire and wildlife hazards.” I don’t know if it will replace fireworks, but it does look pretty nice.

Watch the full video below!

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