Donkey Was Supposed to be Dinner for This Wolf – Watch What Happens…

Wolves are often seen in movies and documentaries as predators with great skill in hunting. It doesn’t matter if it’s a smaller or bigger animal. If the wolves are hungry, they will most certainly kill to survive. Because that is how predatory animals are wired. They need to hunt and eat to survive. The only time we may see a friendship between a wolf and other animals is in cartoons or children’s stories. That is why people were shocked when they found out about the story of wolf and donkey from Patok, Albania.

In 2007, a wolf was captured by the locals of Patok in a nearby mountain. They placed the wolf in an enclosed cage, they realized that the wolf needs to eat. So, they found an old neglected donkey and placed it inside the cage where the wolf is. But instead of devouring the poor old donkey, the villagers were shocked to find what happened next. The donkey survived without any injuries or sign that the wolf attempted to eat it. The two animals became best friends while cohabiting the same cage! They even cuddle and stay close to each other.

The news of the two animals spread internationally after gaining media attention. And because of all the craze, people from all over the world petitioned for the release of the wolf back in the wild. Finally, the government of Albania stepped in after the overwhelming protest and the animals were released. The wolf was sent back to its natural habitat and the donkey was released to open pastures where it can roam and eat freely.

The villagers reported that they would sometimes see a wolf near the donkey! It must have been visiting to check on his friend! Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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