Donkey ‘Adopts’ Puppy Too Sick To Play With Other Dogs

It’s hard to imagine two different species becoming friends. And it’s even harder to believe that they can be best friends. So, when Kolima, the dog became best friends with Paolo, the donkey, it was a precious moment.

Felice Caputo adopted Kolima, a Kangal, an Anatolian Shepherd dog. He is adorable, impressive, and an excellent dog, according to the owner. But he suffers from Wobbler Syndrome, which makes it hard for him to stand, walk, and play with other dogs. So, he spent most of his time squatting on the ground. But then Paul, the donkey, came into his life.

donkey befriends sick dog

Paolo was a bit hesitant in the beginning, given he is a donkey, and Kolima looks nothing like him. But when he realized that Kolima was sick and couldn’t move properly, he started taking care of the dog.

They play together all the time. And Paolo even bends down, so it’s easier for Kolima to play with the donkey. Watching them, Felice is sure that Paolo has adopted Kolima and kept him under his wing.

WATCH the amazing bonding video below.

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