This Goose Really Loves His Human Friend. How He Protects Him From That German Shepherd Warmed My Heart

Dominic Ehrler met his best friend Mario during one of his many frequent visits to a public park. The catch? Mario is a goose. This incredible video shows us the real meaning of friendship. Most geese would wander around with their flock, but Mario always preferred Dominic’s company. He would fly next to Dominic’s motorcycle and the poor man had to turn back and stay in the park until his goose friend fell asleep.

As you can see in the video, this little guy is really protective of his friend. He even goes as far as screeching at dogs that passes by his human. Mario lives in a Los Angeles zoo now and Dominic takes time out to visit him as frequently as he can. According him, Mario has changed him. He says, “I quit eating poultry…I used to think birds were dumb. This has changed all that”.

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