Mom Instructs Dog to Bring the Cat Home. How He Does It Made Me Laugh Till I Cried

Cats and dogs are worlds apart. Cats are very independent creatures; they know what they want, and they will get it! Even if it means running away from home because they want the freedom to roam around in their neighborhood. While dogs are happy to be with their humans, and of course, they love to fetch!

This woman got tired of her feline’s shenanigans, and it was never home. So, she made her trustee dog go and fetch it back home! This is now the adorable pooch’s designated job. And while you may think that the canine would have an advantage over the cat. Dogs are known for their strength and sense of smell. That couldn’t be farther from the truth!

dog carried cat

The little pooch is only a little bigger than the cute kitten. So, he has found other ways to retrieve the family cat from its daily adventures. And the way he does it is so hilarious! He uses his head and neck to carry the cat by its stomach. You can see that the gray cat does not want to go inside. Luckily, the loyal dog does not give up, and it makes for the funniest video. Watch it below:

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