Donkey Adopts A Disabled Dog As His Own. But Watch When They Can’t Spend A Minute Apart

Dogs are some of the most playful creatures on the planet. That is why, when they can’t run around and have fun with their counterparts, they can feel sad and dejected. This is the story about one such dog. Because of wobbly syndrome, Kolima had a hard time even standing. This condition is related to the spine and it gives Kolima a shaky and painful gait. No one wanted to hang out with her. But that’s when a loving six year old donkey called Paolo stepped in to take care of her and give her company.

Kolima is very happy when she is around Paolo. The two roll around in hay and cuddle together without a care in the world. Paolo’s friendship changed Kolima’s life for the better! I am sure their bond will grow even stronger with time!

Watch the video below!

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