Amazing Painting Looks Like a Girl But She Ages to an Old Woman as You Walk Past It

It’s amazing what you can do with some splash of colors and a blank sheet of paper. It’s truly the one who handles the brush that makes all the difference. Take a look at this painting. At one edge it looks like a normal painting of a girl. But when you walk past it, the girl changes. The fine smooth skin she has changed to wrinkles and grey hair.

Paintings that look different from different angles are called “anamorphic” paintings. Anamorphic art is a technique that distorts an image so that it can only be seen clearly when viewed from a certain angle or with a special device, such as a mirror or lens. The word “anamorphic” comes from the Greek words “ana” meaning “back” or “again” and “morphe” meaning “form” or “shape”. Anamorphic art has been used by artists throughout history, but it became particularly popular during the Renaissance and has continued to be used by contemporary artists today.

The artist Sergi Cadenas is famous for anamorphic paintings. What is so impressive about Cadenas’s work is that he never even became a painter until he was thirty years old, and he taught himself. His inspiration was to dual-image oil paintings was flipbooks he saw in his childhood.

He designs his pieces in his studio in the small Spanish village of Catalonia and uses his family and friends as subjects. One of his paintings takes him about a month to finish. Watch this marvelous art here and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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