Dad Sings National Anthem but Pay Attention as the Baby Boy Immediately Joins in

It’s no surprise that dads love singing all kinds of songs to their younglings. In the video, both parent-son enjoy this particular moment of bonding. However, this dad decides to sing an unusual song for his kid. Yes, a national anthem. Who would have thought a song like this can entertain your child? Well, this little one is in love with his dad’s singing.

The minute the toddler hears his dad’s song, the baby boy gets hooked. And he shows his interest by lightly tapping his arms on the tray. Along with that, he even makes cutesy dance moves. However, his most adorable attempt to sing the song with his dad with “Ba, ba, ba, ba is best. Although he can’t form proper vocabs, it looks like he is going to be a famous singer in the future. Eventually, when the kid gets too into the music, he throws his arms halfway up. So cute.

We have found a true toddler patriot as he seems way familiar with the anthem. It looks like it’s his favorite song. This kid proves his immense love for music to the world. He shows his spirit towards the country at a young age, and we can expect great things from him. The precious father-son duet is a must-watch. Try teaching your babies the anthem as well! Watch this video down below: 

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