Alzheimer’s Never Recognized His Daughter for a Year Until One Day He Catches Her Hand to Say This

Forgetting a loved one can be very painful. Moreover, when you are the one being forgotten, nothing can hurt more than this for you.

In this viral video, we see a woman and her elderly father in bed. The daughter and her father are having a heartwarming and quality time together after almost a year. The father had been suffering from Alzheimer’s. This disease makes you lose memory and it is almost hard to impossible to regain your memory when you suffer from this condition.

The daughter, Elaine, is very loving and gentle towards her dad. The father recognizes Elaine after a year and she really could not have asked for more than this. The father and daughter seem to be very happy about their reunion. We really could not have asked to watch a better video either.

Try not to cry when you watch this video! Watch the full video below!

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