Man Denied Access to Mall, Gets Frustrated and Screams

In this video, this frustrated looking man is seen screaming at the entrance of Eaton Centre in Toronto because of his inability to access it. He couldn’t understand why that particular mall entrance was closed at such time of the day. Rather than asking people around, he prefers to yell at the aluminum in the middle of the mall, asking ‘why are you closed?’

No doubt about it, the G20 inconvenienced a lot of people.  The protest against it led to the closure of public facilities and stores, including the entrance of Eaton Centre for safety reasons. None seems to be as mad about the event as this guy in the video. He demanded to get into the Eaton Centre, screaming “Why, why, why are you closed?

We are the Toronto public! We want to shop! We have the right to shop! He went on screaming for minutes. He didn’t seem to notice that some other guys were directed to walk around and get in through the other entrance. He was consumed in his public display. It is strange that nobody came close to him to calm him down and explain anything to him. Passerby watched from a distance and felt he was crazy.

He got some seconds to break, moved away from the entrance and returned screaming, “Is this just a spectacle to you? Is it funny?” He laughed sarcastically asking for the cops to arrest him. He soon became confrontational, challenging the guy with the camera who didn’t seek his consent to film him. The duo exchanged utterances and the man seemed more frustrated thereafter.

Tell us how you would react to this if it were you?