Rare 1970s Volkswagen Beetles Converted Into An RV Hybrid But Look whats inside

Volkswagen’s Bettle, no doubt, has been one of their most significant inventions. Apart from its sophisticated design, the car has excellent gas mileage and is affordable. It could be one of the most recognizable cars on the highway. 

However, the company has decided to stop producing the iconic car anymore. 

Regardless of their rise and fall of popularity, they could influence not only individuals but also companies. They are an easy vehicle to work on, from repair to modification. We can see many versions of customized Beatles to this day. 

Companies even make an enormous transformation on such simple automobiles. In 1975 a third-party company designed “Super Bugger.” It was a cross-over between an RV and Beatle. The sleek front identical look and a living RV space in the back. Keith and Glenna Spelrum, the owners of the new construction, call it the conversation starter. 

The RV space might be a little small, but it sure does get individuals’ attention passing by. The vehicle provides a pleasant stay of a couple of nights or a weekend trip. The owners enjoy taking it to car shows sharing the unique history with other enthusiasts.  Please press and enjoy the clip. Do you see yourself driving the RV? Do share your thoughts with us. 

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