Conan Trains With The Military Working Dog Unit And It’s Hilarious

Dogs are one of the most loyal animals in the world. And their fearlessness when it comes to protecting their owners is commendable. It is the reason why dogs are recruited in the military and police. And if trained right, dogs can be excellent military personnel.

But its not always easy to train dogs. They can get aggressive or might not completely understand you. Since dogs are very curious, there will be times where you can’t tame them properly. And they can also quickly get distracted or confused. So, training a dog is a hard job.

conan trains with military dog

The video here shows the tough training process a dog goes through. And a very special person goes out of his way to train as dogs. Talkshow host Conan O’Brien gets an opportunity of a lifetime when he gets to go to the Military camp. There, he meets with two military personnel who trains dogs.

And Conan decides to train with the Military Working Dog Unit, which is probably not his best decision. He gets to meet Astor, a professional military dog. And what happens after is epically funny. Conan has to run around the field just as Astor would, all the while being as funny as he is. He even cracks inappropriate jokes to the officers and they can’t control their laughter.

WATCH the hilarious video where Conan gets put down by the military dog below.

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