With Christmas lurking in the corner, the competition to stand out in one’s neighborhood is back again. The dedication tends to bring out the best in people creativity wise. Furthermore, with so many annual prizes, homeowners do go overboard with the decorations.

The clip below shows an intense amount of hard work. It is severing not just one but two purposes simultaneously. Who knew comedy could be a part of Christmas decoration. Oh! Yes, you have heard me right.


Brielle Faith was strolling through her home area, checking all the sparkling accessories. When she ran into two trees fighting with each other, we can hear the surprised laugh in the background. Let’s be honest, didn’t we all feel that? Apparently, the trees can’t seem to count, and we know why.

Therefore, they are facing some difficulty synchronizing the music with their lights. However, once they get along, the magic sparks as the tress light out bright and beautiful. Truly magnificent, as you might see, the music goes so accurately the way the light twinkles.

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