4-year-old tells Christmas story and melts millions of hearts

Children are very innocent and pure. They can do anything to bring an instant smile to everyone’s face.

However, when they do the most adult things one can’t help but get overwhelmed by their smartness and cuteness altogether. The internet went crazy when a video of a little boy reciting a Christmas story went viral. David DeFigueiredo is a little boy who is very fond of his religion. David’s mom knows how to raise a decent human being because she teaches him to recite the verses of the Christian story twice.

The boy does it without any hesitance. In fact, we could hear from the tone of his voice that he simply loves to recite the story. The story gets better when a little boy says it because we get to hear the story but in a way more adorable way. This little one even has a red sweater on to match the Christmas vibes.

When you watch this video, you will surely sense the wonderful festival nearing. Watch the full video below!

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