Do you ever discover simple things that are game-changers in your kitchen? Take, for example, bacon. Something I enjoy but has never enjoyed making.

Cooking more than four slices would mean overcrowding the pan, which would invariably result in uneven cooking. Bacon tails that are rubbery and flabby, attached to charred bacon heads. But, let’s be honest, who cooks fewer than a half-dozen slices of bacon at a time?

Chef Demonstrates How to Cook Perfect Bacon Every Single Time

Here’s a small checklist to make a crispy beacon everytime:

  • Use a small pan as the heat distributes faster and is easy to work.
  • Don’t overcrowd your pan
  • Middle ones cook faster so, never put the beacon only in one place. Rotate its place.
  • NEVER walk away from the pan
  • Use the grease from the previous batch and deep fry the beacon

Hope this tip help you for a crispy and savoury bite. Don’t forget to SHARE it to other chefs in your home.