Chance Encounter Reunites Woman With Son She Placed for Adoption 13 Years Before

Many people tend to give up on children after giving birth to them. This is mostly because they tend to have complications when the child is young.

Many people suffer financially or socially when they are pregnant. Sadly, many people think they got pregnant at the wrong time. This way a child is likely to become an orphan or parentless when he is given up for adoption. Kelly too was a teen mom and could not afford to keep her baby.

“I wanted him to have a mother and a father, and I wanted him to have things in life that I knew I couldn’t provide at the time…I really wanted to hold him just one time to say goodbye. To tell him that I loved him and tell him why I was making the decision I was making.” She says. Whatsoever, she finally reunited with her son 13 years later.

Kelly finally got to hug the boy she gave birth to and their reunion was heartwarming. Watch the full video below!

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