50 Celebrities Postpartum Who Showed What They Really Looked Like After Giving Birth

The beauty standard of our society still expects a woman to look flawless even after a nine-month pregnancy. The flawed perception is a result of shame by the women, who tend to hide it under baggy clothes than to accept it.

Furthermore, the celebrities who can afford nannies regain their pre-pregnancy bodies almost immediately. Hence, adding more pressure to everyone. Fortunately here, is the list of few celebrities who broke the stigma. Just by sharing their postpartum bodies without any shame or regret.

  1. Sadia Slayy
    The beauty influencer who gave birth almost 2 years ago shares this picture. Acknowledging her vulnerability to her followers on Instagram.
  2. Brie Bella
    Brie is a retired wrestler and a TV personality who shared a picture after her second baby. She added on her post, the recovery on the second time around has been different as she feels more prepared.
  3. Pink
    American singer, songwriter Pink was quick to reveal her post body. She captioned according to American standards, she is obese, but she feels free. Furthermore, she warns ladies to stay off the scale.
  4. Hilaria Baldwin
    Fitness and wellness expert Hilaria Thomas Baldwin shared her postpartum body photo despite her angst. We are happy that she was able to pluck up that courage.
  5. Jenny Mollen
    New York Times bestselling author Jenny Ann Mollen Biggs shared a snap of an extreme weight loss body. She educated her viewers on the aftermath of thyroids.
  6. Kate Hudson
    American actress, author, and fashion entrepreneur, Kate Hudson, shared her regular mom’s life on Instagram. Furthermore, she mentioned she finally has some time for herself now. Kudos to that!
  7. Katy Perry
    Katy Perry shares everything with her fan. Hence, we could always count on sharing the details of the postpartum body. Needless to say, she is rocking her mommy look with a nursing bra and postpartum undies.
  8. Peta Murgatroyd
    New Zealand-born Peta Murgatroyd is an Australian professional Latin dancer who shared. She proved even athletes go through the postpartum body.
  9. Amy Schumer
    Even the queen of comedy posted a candid pic of Schumer snuggling with her baby. Isn’t that just so wonderful to witness?
  10. Jamie Otis
    The reality TV star Jamie Otis shared a side by side comparison of expectation and reality. Therefore, don’t believe everything you see on the internet.
  11. Desiree Siegfried
    The reality tv personality Desiree has come a far way after “The Bachelorette.” Recently she shared an honest postpartum body snap.
  12.  Catherine Guidici
    It seems like every member of The Bachelorette have had babies. Catherine Guidici shared her before and after with a hilarious caption. “She escaped! #1weekpost”
  13.  Ashley Graham
    Being an American plus-size model, she is an inspiration for many to accept the new changes that will travel with the angel.
  14. Daphne oz
    Even our nutrition author is not hesitant to share her recovery phase with relatable captions.
  15. Tia Mowry
    The Disney star is all grown up and sharing her first recovery snap. Turnout one can still look pregnant after giving birth.
  16. Melissa Suffield
    Best is known for her performance as Lucy Beale. The English actress shared her stretch marks on Instagram.
  17. Jenny Mollen
    The author didn’t just share her stretch. She didn’t hesitate to share her c-section scar with her fans.
  18. Daphne Oz
    The television host is sharing more workout snaps and encouraging the ladies to get in the gym.
  19. Chrissy Teigen
    Why hide your beautiful mom’s body. Therefore, Chrissy Teigen is showing her fans how to celebrate your body after birth.https://twitter.com/i/status/1024102876375801856
  20. Amy King
    Influencers like Amy King are used to sharing their bodies. Therefore, she didn’t shy away from sharing her new body with a lovely caption.
  21. Gemma Atkinson
    The former glamour model, no doubt, is okay with spotlights. Hence, she was happy to post mummy curves on the internet.
  22. Jessie James Decker
    Pop singer Jessie is the mother of three. Hence, she knows all about recovering a postpartum body. So, like everyone, she is sharing her mom bod on Instagram.
  23. Iskra Lawrence
    The English Bikini Model post was a combination of details from her pregnancy and postpartum. There is not much of a difference.
  24. Alaia Baldwin
    The Baldwin family, no doubt, are warriors. Hence, Alaia is no different from her mother, sharing a candid snap right after birth.
  25. Audrey Roloff
    The writer is sharing the behind-the-scenes life of her mommy life.
  26. Peta Murgatroyd
    The Latin dancer is not hiding away from her recovery phase. Instead, she is sharing the struggles with her fan. Needless to say, we love her spirits.
  27. Bekah Martinez
    The Bachelor’s Beka is keeping it real with a drink in her hand. Finally, enjoying her recovery phase lying back on a deckchair.
  28. Jamie Otis
    We all respond differently after giving birth. However, one thing stays common; we all want to stay comfy like Otis’s Instagram posts.
  29. Carly Waddell
    Recovering after nine-month pregnancy is no joke. Furthermore, who better to know this than the mother of two, Carly.
  30. Cardi B
    Rapper and songwriter Cardi B flaunts her body in the limelight every chance she gets. However, she didn’t hesitate to ask her fans to get rid of black lines on her stomach after-pregnancy.
  31. Loren Brovarnik
    90 Day Fiancé’s Lauren shares her struggles on Instagram with a happy note that she has never been happier.
  32. Camila Nakagawa
    TV personality Camila was on a mission to get rid of the stretchmark stigma and made it her mission to normalize with her bikini post’s help.
  33. Millie Mackintosh
    Millie is a firm favorite with the fans for always telling the truth. Therefore, when she gave birth to her daughter, she was honestly truthful.
  34. Teddi Mellencamp
    Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Teddi looks gorgeous in her postpartum pic.
  35. Millie Mackintosh
    Millie has been sharing her life with the camera for 5 years. Hence she is unafraid to share her recovery pic.
  36. Daniella Monet
    Actress and singer Daniella is crushing down the myth that women snap back to their usual bodies right after birth.
  37. Jamie Otis
    Jamie is a huge source of inspiration for a new mom, sharing her baby curves.
  38. Jade Roper
    Another contestant on “The Bachelor,” Jade, shares her postpartum pic after giving birth to her son, empowering ladies.
  39. Jenna Cooper
    “Bachelor” and “Bachelor in Paradise” contestant Jenna is not shying away to share her insecurities regarding the recovery phase. Nevertheless, she is flaunting her body on Instagram.
  40. Carrie Underwood
    America’s Got Talent winner Carrie shares her struggles bouncing back after her second son in a candid snap.
  41. Jazz Charton
    The wife of actor Kieran Culkin is always honest on her Instagram post. Therefore, she was completely honest about the phases of motherhood.
  42. Gretchen Rossi
    The reality star has been sharing her personal details on the “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” Hence, it was no surprise that she was doing the same in her post-pregnancy pics.
  43. Kayla Rae Reid
    The wife of Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte shares her first picture after giving birth. Furthermore, she adds, she gained 50 pounds during the process.
  44. Ashley Graham
    Ashley is rocking her postpartum bikini shot. Moreover, she hardly mentions the stretch marks, and why should she?
  45. Nadia Essex
    After giving birth to a beautiful child, she shares her postpartum picture.
  46. Jessie James Decker
    Jessie is another source of inspiration when it comes to sharing after birth details.
  47. Kenya Moore
    Former Miss USA Kenya shares the recovery process of C-section is far from easy to her Instagram followers.
  48. Ali Manno Fedotowsky
    The Bachelor” star Ali shares her deep provoking thoughts on Instagram caption with a postpartum picture.
  49. Katrina Scott
    Tennis player Katrina shares her before and after pregnancy picture with her followers.
  50. Rachel Platten
    Finally, singer, songwriter Rachel shares after pregnancy mom look. She provides us the true glimpse of motherhood in the picture.Motherhood is never an easy task, but women have been conquering it for centuries. Finally, sharing the high and lows without masking reality. Kudos to mothers all around the world. We love you all.