Cat Discovers His Owner’s Treadmill- Pay Attention to His Hilarious Inspection

Most cats just love to lie around doing absolutely nothing. Lockdown or no lockdown, nothing affects their sleep. But this one-yr-old cat Indy is different from the bunch. To which, his owner took is as a golden opportunity to make a viral video.

Indy was scared to discover a treadmill for the first time. He tried to sniff around a little but got no clue what the moving object was. Above all, You can hear his dad’s giggle in his misery. However, with few more inspections and a tad bit of training, this clever cat mastered the art of running.

Cat Discovers His Owner's Treadmill- Pay Attention to His Hilarious Inspection

He even got some ping pong ball on the way as an obstacle. But this feline is too smart to be a surrender in this worthless scrutiny. Watch this hilarious encounter down below:

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