Heart-Pounding Rescue – Skier Finds Snowboarder Buried Headfirst, Digs Him Out

Imaging you’re skiing along rough trails through waist deep powder on the side of Mt. Baker, Washington. You drop into some trees so you have to stop to make your way around them when you notice, of all things, a snowboard that appears to be hovering in the air.

When you get a little closer you realize it’s not hovering–it’s attached to someone’s feet and that person is buried in the snow headfirst! “Holy *****” the skier, Francis Zuber, said. “Are you alright?” When he gets no answer, Francis yells, “Hold on, I’m coming.” He then proceeds to remove his skis and wade through the powder toward the snowboard.

Francis was wearing a Go-Pro action camera mounted to his helmet, so we get to watch the heart-pounding rescue as it unfolds. The snow is so deep Francis has a hard time even getting to the snowboarder, Ian Steger, who is buried so deep he can’t move. By the time Francis gets there, he’s out of breath–but the work is just starting!

Francis digs and digs until he finally gets enough snow out of the way to see Ian’s goggles and helmet. After more digging, he finally gets enough of Ian uncovered so they can breathe and talk–after they rest from the exhausting effort. “I was gonna die on my own,” Ian said. This is one of the best videos on the internet if you like actual rescue footage. Watch the full video below and please leave us a Facebook comment to let us know what you thought!

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