Bull gets so excited when he gets petted-This is simply adorable

Animals have just as much of feelings and emotions as do humans. This is one of the cutest videos I have ever seen.

This is probably one of the cutest things you will ever find on the internet. The bull is just so cute. Yes, a bull and it is cute. Period! Well, we get it, a bull isn’t an animal most people would stereotype as cute. In fact, they may seem dangerous and scary to me. People avoid wearing the color red to avoid getting attacked by a bull but honestly, you’ve never seen a bull act tenderly and you are missing out on a lot of wholesomeness.

This video really made me fall in love because of its cuteness! You may never have seen something as cute and unexpectedly heartwarming as this one. This is one of the best things you will find on the internet. The bull loves to get petted on the head. The gentle bull and its ways are not so easy to handle for a poor human heart.

So cute you’ll scream! Watch the full video below!

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