Brother Puppy Constantly Protects Little Sister – Then Shelter Finally Realizes Why

In my opinion, guide dogs don’t get as much credit as they do! Moreover, these animals can be life-changing for people with disabilities. But this particular guide dog is a special one! Furthermore, nobody trained him to be one, but he took on a roll all by himself. Not only that, but he is the seeing-eye dog for his sister!

A family found a mother dog and 8 of her litters in a parking lot in Louisiana. Furthermore, the kind family took them home and were looking after the growing puppies. That’s when they noticed something strange. Two of the puppies, Star and Denver, were inseparable! They later found that Star was deaf and partially blind, and her brother was just looking out for her!

star denver playing

Poor Star was struggling from an early age. But bonding with Denver made life so much easier. So much so that she almost passed as a typical pup! Moreover, after handing them to Helen Woodward Animal Center, they have been trying to find a family that will accept the duo together. And looking at how Star follows Denver everywhere, and how the brother looks after her, I’m sure they find someone who’ll love them all the same! Watch their video below:

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