2 Yr-Old Died After She Swallowed This Common Home Appliance. Parents Raise warning

Christmas is a time for family. It’s the time of the year when everyone gets together and celebrates life. However, this family had their worst nightmare come true one day after Christmas. The Florer family lost their daughter, Brianna, to a horrible death. All because of this one common thing that’s in everyone’s houses.

Brianna had swallowed a small battery. Kent vice remembers her granddaughter, being okay in the days leading up to it, “On Saturday she was fine.” He continued, “It was a perfect Christmas.” But on Sunday, Brianna suddenly threw up blood. Furthermore, her body turned blue.


The family lives in rural Delaware County, where many doctors aren’t available. The ambulance met with parents, Brian and Stephanie Florer, at a convenience store to check on Brianna. Looking at her condition, they rushed her to the hospital in the nearest town — Grove, Oklahoma. When the hospital did an X-ray, they found a small silver button battery that had leaked internally.

Afterward, she was transferred to St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa for the best care. There, she was rushed into surgery. Unfortunately, it was too late. The chemical from the battery leak had eaten through her carotid artery. The doctors couldn’t stop the bleeding even after operating on her for 2 ½ hrs.

button batteries

We can find these tiny lithium batteries in the appliances that we use daily. We should take the poor child’s death as a lesson to be mindful of where we keep spare batteries. Likewise, we should be careful of what kids have easy access to. Hopefully, we can learn from this and never have to see this repeated. Watch this video to know more about the hazards of these batteries on kids:

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