Judges Roll Their Eyes When He Says He’s Gonna Improvise Audition. Seconds Later, They Are in Disbelief!

I am so glad that talent shows exist. Without them, we would probably never know about some very talented people. Moreover, people come here from all walks of life. So we know about the diverse lifestyles of those people. I am especially thankful to Australia’s Got Talent for introducing the world to Chooka.

Chooka James Parker is a sixteen-year-old country boy. He lives a pretty simple life on his parent’s farm and thus has a lot of time on his hands. But he doesn’t just waste it away. Instead, he learned to play the piano all by himself!

chooka james parker

When the self-taught pianist goes to audition for the talent show, he reveals that he likes to improvise when he plays.  After he says this, the judges are in disbelief. But when he starts playing—Wow! He is just a natural. And the way he conveys his emotions with the instrument is something that even experts can’t get right. Watch the prodigy’s incredible audition below:

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