She Lines Up Her Birdies and Gives Them Soft Scratches but This Little Blue One Reacts Made My Day

Birdies are incredible but petting them is no easy task. But when you watch this video, you will be completely stunned. This video features five adorable birds who were busy flying earlier but got into the correct position once they knew they were about to be filmed.

Well but that’s not the only interesting part. When the birdies line up in order the owner tries to give them a little bit of scratch but when she reaches a small blue bird, she gets the most unexpected reaction. I didn’t know there were some birds that didn’t like scratch at all, like the little blue birdie.


You will be in hysterics when you’ll see what the little birdie has to say about the scratch. Watch this adorable video and tell us what you think about it through your comments!

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