Mom Told Him He Was Going to Be a Big Brother, His Comeback Lights Up the Internet

Children are such blessings. They are called bundles of joy, and not without reason. They can make you smile and make you happy in the sweetest ways, and most of the times without even trying. It’s always a little tricky to announce the arrival of a new baby though. You can never tell how they might react the news. The little boy in the following video, however, had the best reaction!

After the first ultrasound appointment, she had given him two sonogram pictures, looking forward his reaction upon becoming a big brother. Sarah thought Ethan would be happy to hear the news, and she was not wrong at all. But she was not prepared to have millions on the internet that would love this moment on camera. Ethan himself could hardly believe if the news was real or not. Sarah really had to convince him that she’s telling him the truth, that there was a little baby growing inside her.


She told him that he will have to be patient for the baby to come months later. It’s surprising to see that that even at such a young age, he is so sensitive and respectful to his mom when she shares her good news with him. The way he shows his sheer happiness will totally melt you to the ground. Sarah must be really anticipating to see how Ethan will interact with his new baby brother or sister. What a blessing for this family!

Let’s hope this little boy has the best time with his sibling in the future. Maybe they’ll laugh together when they watch this video after growing up!

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