They Found This Helpless Stray Dog in a Terrifying Condition, Her Incredible Recovery Proves That She’s a Strong Girl!

When Hope For Paws got contacted for the rescue of a stray homeless dog in an immediate need of help, the organization without any delay rushed for the rescue. What they found after reaching the spot was truly shocking. The poor dog’s condition was way too miserable than they had imagined.

The homeless dog was in need of immediate medical attention. Bill Foundation agreed to take her in if Hope For Paws paid for her medical care. The poor dog’s paws were so swollen from an infection that it made standing way too painful for her. She was named Bethany by Annie, one of the staff of the organization.

A homeless dog living on the streets gets rescued, transformed and is now looking for a home. 1-11 screenshot

She was then taken to a doctor who diagnosed her with a severe form of mange and several bacterial infections. She has now recovered and is leading a healthy life waiting for a permanent home. Watch this video and tell us how you felt watching it. We value your opinions!

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